Couch to 5K & C25K Grads

Third time’s the charm, right?

After a couple weeks of weather-related delays, our Couch to 5K program will kick off tonight, April 6th, at 6pm outside Centennial Library.

For anyone planning to attend, we use the C25K app made by ZenLabs Fitness; we recommend downloading this app so you can do the additional runs outside of the group and keep up week over week as the difficulty of the workouts ramps up. The app is available for free for iPhone or Android.

After the Couch to 5K group, our C25K Grads group will meet in the same location at 6:45pm for a flat, social, nobody-gets-left-behind, 5k run.

Please remember to sign in if you’ll be joining us for either run tonight!

Published by Heather

Trail runner, mountain biker, outdoors enthusiast... bicycle mechanic.

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