Long Slow Run – Sun. Feb. 26, ’23

The long slow run is a conversationally-paced, endurance-building, “Zone 2” run intended for those who are training to run longer distances. We meet at the main entrance of the John Rhodes Community Centre and the run begins at 10am. We’ll start with a 10km loop that winds through the East End and finishes back atContinue reading “Long Slow Run – Sun. Feb. 26, ’23”

Friday Fiver – Oct. 14, 2022

Happy Friday, Stryders! The Friday Fiver is on for tonight, rain or shine, but due to significant rainfall over the past few days we’ll avoid the trails tonight.Meet at the John Rhodes for 6:30pm for an urban 5k of the surrounding neighbourhood. Everyone welcome; nobody gets left behind.

Friday Five – Oct. 7, 2022

Hey folks, Due to some unexpected scheduling conflicts, there will be no 5km group trail run this evening. Don’t forget to register for our Thanksgiving Day social, Mile Hill Madness! Come for the run, stay for the snacks. 😁 See the link below for details and to register. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/mile-hill-madness-group-run-tickets-430508200617?aff=ebdssbdestsearch&__hstc=58577909.e989ceb1fdf40989ee4d732fad089eb6.1665141639855.1665141639855.1665141639855.1&__hsfp=3035854400&__hssc=58577909.2.1665141639855&keep_tld=1

Couch to 5k/Grad Run

Hey everyone! Our Couch to 5K group will meet tonight for Week 7, Day 1 of our training program. Gather outside Centennial Library for a 6pm start! The Grad Run follows the C25K group. Meet outside the library for a 6:45pm start. This is a socially-paced, no-drop 5km run; nobody gets left behind. Please fillContinue reading “Couch to 5k/Grad Run”

Friday Five – July 22

Happy Friday, Stryders!It’s that time again – time to wrap up the work week with a nice trot through the trails.Meet by the blue shack in the main Hiawatha parking lot for 6:30pm.Some parts of the Crystal trail system are closed for the weekend so we’ll head over to the Pinder tonight for a relativelyContinue reading “Friday Five – July 22”

Long Slow Run – June 26, ‘22

Hey Stryders! We’re sure that many of you will be running in the Community Strong Festival marathon or half-marathon on Sunday, and to those of you who are, we wish you the best of luck! For anybody who prefers the feel of dirt underfoot, our regularly scheduled long run will still be taking place! SeeContinue reading “Long Slow Run – June 26, ‘22”

Friday Fiver – June 17, ‘22

Happy Friday, Stryders!6:30pm tonight, meet in the parking lot at Hiawatha for a 5km trail run on the Crystal Creek ski trails.This route has challenging hills so remember to wear appropriate trail running footwear! Bug spray is also highly recommended. 😅 Remember to sign in! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gogj7kyZF3ZO4wy3gt2bfhcv7TP2hAXYbf4vhTtnDNY/edit

Weekend runs

Hey folks, Regretfully, I am not available to lead tonight’s Friday 5k run.I still encourage you all to get out and move your bodies! Enjoy the Hiawatha trails or a run here in town. Message one another directly, or use the sign-in sheet to co-ordinate. I am also out of town on Sunday, so IContinue reading “Weekend runs”

Goulais Hill Monday – June 6

Happy Monday, Stryders!Anybody who wants to tackle Goulais Ave hill can meet us there tonight at 6pm to run the beast in the company of friends!We leave from the Northern Community Centre parking lot and do an 8km out-and-back.Please sign in! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gogj7kyZF3ZO4wy3gt2bfhcv7TP2hAXYbf4vhTtnDNY/edit (Pic of Jon’s puppy because he’s every bit as inspirational as a runningContinue reading “Goulais Hill Monday – June 6”

Friday Fiver – June 3, ‘22

Happy Friday, Stryders! It’s the end of the work week. Yay! Let’s unwind in the woods with a 5km trail run.Meet by the blue shack in the main Hiawatha parking lot at 6:30pm. We’ll run the Crystal 5K this week.Bring your trail shoes; it’s hilly! The black flies are biting and the mosquitoes are startingContinue reading “Friday Fiver – June 3, ‘22”