C25K and Wednesday Group Run, May 3, 2023

It looks like the rain has finally stopped, just in time for our Wednesday runs! The Couch to 5km Group has their Week 3 Day 1 run at 6 pm at the Centennial Library, across from Clergue Park. It’s great to see everyone doing their homework runs!

The Wednesday Group Run is at 6:45 pm, and also meets at the Centennial Library. Everyone is welcome for the Group Run. This is a no drop run, no one gets left behind.

One thought on “C25K and Wednesday Group Run, May 3, 2023

  1. Hi Heather:

    I am in Soo Sings for the YMCA Singing Strong Team – the show is May 10th so we are busy practicing and raising some much needed funds for various children charities!! I will be back to regular attendance on May 12th.

    Attached is my membership form.

    Take Care

    Cindy ________________________________


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