Sunday 10K – Mar. 5, 2023

The Long Slow Sunday run is getting a name that rolls off the tongue a little more easily – but nothing else has changed! This run is for everyone training to run 10km+. We keep the pace conversational and we try to keep the route interesting with lots of twists and turns through traffic-calmed East-EndContinue reading “Sunday 10K – Mar. 5, 2023”

Long Slow Sunday – Jan. 1, 2023

Join us at 10am outside the main entrance to the John Rhodes Community Centre for our first run of 2023! On this run we’ll keep the pace easy and conversational. We’ll begin with a (roughly) 10km loop in the East end, then stop back at the community centre to fuel, hydrate, and regroup. Additional distanceContinue reading “Long Slow Sunday – Jan. 1, 2023”