Heather Carter

I was born and raised in Midland, ON, and I grew up hiking, camping, and playing outside. From a very young age my parents fostered in me a love for the outdoors which I have carried with me into adulthood. I’ve also been a runner for pretty much my whole life, with a particular fondness for trail running. I ran my first 50km ultramarathon in September 2018 and I’ve been hooked on ultrarunning ever since. I moved to Sault Ste. Marie in October 2016 and immediately fell in love with Algoma. This is such a beautiful part of the world to live, work and play in! I originally joined the Sault Stryders to connect with other runners and make friends when I was new to the city, but I stay involved to share my passion for trail running with everyone! When I’m not running I enjoy riding my bikes, backcountry camping, and canoeing.

Vice President

Gail Provenzano

I was born in Toronto and moved to SSM when I was one year old. During my younger years, I spent most of my time at the YMCA, being a part of many different programs and competing on the Gymnastic Team. My summers were spent camping with my family throughout Ontario and Michigan. In high school, I was a cheerleader, played volleyball, and was a part of many committees. I spent my summers hanging out with my friends at their camps, coaching and playing soccer as well working a summer job at the Trading Post 

I have been blessed with two beautiful children, Brett and Marnie, and I am married to the most loving and supportive husband, Sandy. 

In June of 2010, my son Brett died by suicide when he was 15 years old. My world as I knew it was turned upside down and I felt pain that I thought never existed. It took a couple of years for me to leave the house and enjoy life again. I needed to find something that would help me cope with, or at least give me a break from the pain that I was feeling. That is when I decided to join a Bootcamp where I shared some tears, hard work, and frustration with my instructor, Stefanie Maione, who quickly became a good friend.  

Stefanie introduced me to Sault Stryders when she suggested that I join a Toonie Tuesday 5km run at Ram, the first organized run I had participated in. I had so much fun at my first run! I was the last to finish and when I heard the other runners clapping and cheering me on as I arrived back at Ram, I thought this was awesome. I knew in an instant I wanted to belong to this supportive and welcoming group of runners.   Over the last couple of years, belonging to the Sault Stryders has allowed me to push myself farther than I ever thought I could. I have run mountains and hills and a half marathon that I thought were so far out of my reach. However, the most rewarding part of being in the Sault Stryders is the supportive and welcoming group of runners that are now my friends.


Nicole Pyykonen

I grew up in Sault Ste Marie and always enjoyed outdoor activities but never participated in anything that could be called a sport. I gave running a shot in the spring of 2019, in an effort to tire out my dog Annie and I quickly fell in love with it. About a year later, I discovered the Stryders and found their support and friendship to be invaluable. When I’m not running, I enjoy riding my bike, knitting and reading.


Danielle Dupuis

I grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. and have been running for as long as I can remember. I started in elementary school, as I was always active growing up. From there, my passion for running continued and became more prominent. I ran for varsity teams in high school and college and only competed in 5km races until I joined the Stryders in 2020. Now, I’m competing in races I never thought imaginable and running distances I never thought I could. If you can’t find me on the trails, I’m probably off in LSPP with a notepad and camera following one of my other passions, writing.

Director of Membership

Iris Lenauer

About 10 years ago I signed up for a race on a whim, and have been delighted at all the places running has taken me since. Having just recently moved to the Sault, I am grateful for the welcoming and friendly community I have found among the Stryders.

When not running, I am most likely off on some other outdoor activity, playing the piano, or stuck on a crossword puzzle.

Director at Large

Shelby Coulter

Growing up on a farm on St. Joseph island I was surrounded by beautiful scenery and a plethora of outdoor activities. I participated in track and field and cross country as a youth but found it difficult to continue once reaching University. Years later I joined a local gym and through the friendships made there joined a running group with the intention to be able to run a 5k race again. Through hard work, accountability and the friendships made through running I lost 50lbs and now road race recreationally. I joined the Stryders so as to be able to share my love of running with new members.

Director at Large

Owen Koprash

I’m Owen Koprash your member at large. I got into running out of pure spite.  A friend was running an Ironman and I boasted that I could do that too.  I was told that I couldn’t even run down the road.   Out to prove everyone wrong, I have taken that chip on my shoulder into a few ultra marathon efforts.  I have some really evil friends who like to challenge me. I am yet to say no when faced with some any challenge. I may suffer but I finish with a smile.  Hopefully we can suffer together over this coming year.

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