Happy New Year!


As we welcome 2022, we would like to remind everyone that it is time to update memberships! To renew or purchase your 2022 Sault Stryders Membership, please etransfer us at saultstryders@gmail.com, or pay by cash or cheque directly to an executive member. Your membership contributions help fund our online and in-person events, as well as keep this website up and running. We appreciate your participation and look forward to another fun year of running and crushing goals together!

New Year, New Schedule

We invite you to check out our Group Run schedule for some important updates. Here’s a summary:

Monday: Hill repeats, 6pm at Goulais Ave hill. Run for 30 mins or until your legs give out – whichever comes first!

Wednesday: Couch to 5K will resume in early march. In the mean time, we will continue to do an easy, social 5k on Wednesday nights at 6pm. Meet at Clergue Park.

Friday: Group 5k run, 6:30pm start. This one will have a rotating start location to keep things fresh so watch for weekly communications of where we will be leaving from!

Sunday: Long Slow run. For Winter/Spring 2022 this run will start at 9:30am from various locations. Watch for weekly communication about the starting place and route. Once the snow is gone, we will migrate back out to Hiawatha and run the trails there.

This new run schedule will go into effect next Sunday, January 9th.

What Else is New?

All of our group runs and club events will continue to be free for Sault Stryders members in good standing. Going forward, we will request a $2 donation from any non-members who wish to join one of our group runs. Cost of entry into a Sault Stryders contest or event will be the price of membership.

We know not all of you use social media, and we will continue to strive to make access to information AND group runs easily available to all. In the future, we will post updates on the website prior to each run with a moving start location, so that those who do not use social media can still join if they want to. Subscribe to the blog if you wish to receive these updates right in your inbox, or just check this space on Fridays and Sundays!

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Trail runner, mountain biker, outdoors enthusiast... bicycle mechanic.

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