July recap & what’s new for August

Wow, July flew by! We had some really great fun together, started a few new things, and saw a bunch of new faces!

Tuesday Trail Therapy continues to be our most popular group run, with more and more people tackling the Rattlesnake hill after the end of the 5K trail. It’s great to see folks challenging themselves! We also re-introduced the Toonie Tuesday fundraiser and were able to hand out some cash prizes as well as make some money for the club to help fund future events.

We introduced Mile Hill Mondays for all the elevation seekers out there and watched people tackle that gnarly trail with gusto. We also started a Couch to 5K group in the hopes that it would bring out some new faces, and we weren’t disappointed! It’s been great getting to know some new people and we sincerely hope that you’ll keep joining us for group runs in the future. If there is enough community interest, we will definitely offer another Couch to 5K group after this first program comes to a finish.

August will see the return of Rick Fall from his cross-country FalloRick run. He’s raising money for two great causes – Make-a-Wish, and Childhood Cancer Canada. Check out his page and consider making a donation if you haven’t already. Rick will get to the Sault on August 7th. People are invited to meet him anywhere along his route and run with him into town. See his website or our Facebook group for details about his itinerary and where he’ll be stopping along the way.

If you check out the top navigation menu on our website, you’ll see a new link, “Group Runs”. Here, you can find our weekly calendar of group runs including details about time, distance, and location of each. We hope it will be helpful for everyone to be able to find information about all of our club activities all in one place.

New in August, we’ll be introducing Fartlek Fridays. This group will meet at 6:30am at the John Rhodes Community Centre outdoor track and will spend 30 minutes doing speed training in the form of Fartleks or Intervals. Speed work is an essential part of being a well-rounded runner, so we hope we’ll see you bright and early Friday mornings!

In case you missed it, the Bruce Mines Run Around the Bay 2021 will be happening Sunday, August 15th. CLICK HERE to register.

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2 thoughts on “July recap & what’s new for August

  1. I see the notice for a long run tomorrow at Stokley. Hoping out of towners are welcome? I’d love to join for 17 Kim’s before it gets too warm.



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